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Enter, print and track your purchase orders with this easy-to-use software
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16 April 2009

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Fast PO is a utility used to create a Purchase Order (PO). User is able to generate PO with company / firm logo so that it can be printed on the blank paper. It supports multi companies and each can have their own purchase order numbering scheme. Vendor parts and data can be imported. It stores company, ship-to, and vendor data. User can export PO to widely use PDF format and he can share, send this to his vendor, companies etc.

Features: Purchase Order (PO) is required in every business. Some business organizations can not afford to use high end ERP software to generate the PO.

Fast PO utility helps small and mid-size companies to generate the PO. It generates professional purchase order for an organization. It has all the functionalities which are usually required to manage the purchase order such as create new PO and open existing PO to update. It also provides drop down list for selecting item like vender, ship via, authorized by etc. which we have entered in application previously. It has ability to copy existing product detail and paste in the purchase order details. It has usual functions like layout setting, print, save PO in PDF format.

It has facility to set purchase order numbering scheme for the selected company by adding prefix and suffix. It also provides password protection features for security purpose. It displays purchase order statistics like number of PO are open and number of PO are closed.

Overall: Good utility for small business to create purchase orders.

Publisher's description

Enter, print and track your purchase orders with this easy-to-use software. FAST-PO will produce a purchase order with your logo on regular, blank printer paper. Multi-companies are supported, each having their own purchase order numbering scheme. Vendor parts and data may be imported. Stores company, ship-to, and vendor data. POs may be exported as PDFs and emailed to company, vendor, or ship-to email addresses. Supports 1" x 3" logo. Purchase order may be printed either portrait or landscape. PO numbers may be prefixed or suffixed. Automatically calculates the prucahse order as items are added. Up to 3 tax entites may be added per PO. Taxes are automatically calculated.
Version 1.0
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Tried Fast-PO and the only issue I found was that currency symbol is not shown on the printed PO and aklso it`s impossible to change the currency, but system gives no option instead of EURO currency.
Apart of that, program does what developers promised to do
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